What Love Is

In no particular order, love is:
A bottomless pit, because falling never ends.
A conscious decision, not emotion; continuous action, not chemistry. 
Absolute power: being able to shape her moods and make her day.
Frightening vulnerability: being like clay; soft, wet, so easily mould-able in her hands.
Catharsis: a random “I love you” turns me into a nuclear reactor, sending a smile surging from ear to ear.
Hard: some days my eyes see red and my heart turns to stone and all the things I’m good at – compromise, forgiveness, tolerance – suddenly seem impossible.
Surprising: I will never not be shocked at how much my heart can hold.
Imperfect: sometimes our ends break and we split down the middle, but from the ruins we rebuild, from the wreckage we rise.
Comfort: feeling at home in and around her skin.
Irrational: because 1 + 1 really shouldn’t give you 1, yet that’s how it feels.


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